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Sunday, April 1, 2007

VirtualBox Virtual Machine

Thanks to an article in Computer Shopper this month I downloaded the Windows Version of VirtualBox from and installed on my Test system. This is an AMD 2000 based machine with 1GB of memory and a swappable hard drive so that I can boot up either Linux or MS XP.

This VirtualBox was claimed to set up an environment in a host system, be it Linux or Windows, within which you can install another operating system, provided of course you have install software. So I installed SUSE 10.2 within my XP system. Took some time, stalled on first attempt towards end on "Synchronising ZenWorks" or something similar.

Anyway 2nd time was fine and I now can boot up SUSE 10.2 from within XP!

Only (silly) problem was to switch between guest Linux and XP host you need to press "Control Right". I thought they meant press CTL and right arrow key together, but no they mean press the CTL key on the right.

It all reminds me of IBM VM system I used when at work.

I will have a go now at installing in my Notebook.

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