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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

QUANTA PLUS Web Developer SUSE 10.2

If you are looking for above in SUSE 10.2 then checkout

Quanta is in the package "kdewebdev3". If I remember correctly I went to Applications->System->Configure->Install Software
and located "kdewebdev3", selected it
and ran install. It asked for the CD 5(?), I inserted DVD I had from Linux Mag with SUSE 10.2 install on it, it found software and all ok.
(Note I have 2 "Install Software" I chose the 2nd)

Note I just tried to repeat this before writing blog and could not find "kdewebdev3" I guess having been installed it is removed from Available list.

Linux Windows Equivalent Programs

There are some key applications I use in my Windows system that will need to be matched with Linux equivalent. Here is the results of my studies to date, note I am only listing programs of interest to me.

Common - versions for both Linux and Windows
  1. OpenOffice (Opensource Office Suite - so good I did not install MS Office on new PC)
  2. Picasa photo viewer and entry editor
  3. Firefox web browser
  4. GIMP - Photoshop type program - currently getting to grips with this
Web based available to both Linux and Windows
  1. Googlemail
  2. Google "Office"
Windows - Linux equivalent
  1. NotepadPro editor and HTML builder
    -> KATE as editor QUANTA PLUS as HTML builder

  2. Photoshop Elements (mainly used to catalogue my photos currently 16,000+)
    -> F-Spot Great news is that if you save Tag information to file in PSE then when you Import into F-Spot the Tag information is automatically loaded.

Applications still to be resolved

This does not mean that there is none, just I have not either found them or decided yet

  1. SERIF PagePlus - Publisher application
  2. SERIF WEBPlus - High function web developer
  3. SERIF MOVIEPlus - High function but complicated movie editor
  4. PDA synchroniser
  5. Mediaplayer
  6. CD/DVD writer
  7. FTP
  8. DivX MP4 support

Monday, April 9, 2007

Linux SUSE 10.2 VM accessing Windows Files of Host

From previous posts you will see that I have set up a SUSE 10.2 Guest within my Windows XP system using VirtualBox on my Notebook. Also I have managed to access XP files on my home network from my native SUSE 10.2 PC, By combining the methods I can access XP files on my Notebook from within SUSE guest.

Enter smb:// and it gave me access to "My Documents" which I have setup as shared. The address of my PC ( I found this time by using MS "System Information" found by following
Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools and then from within "System Information" follow System Summary->Components->Network->Adapter and in my case used IP address found in wireless.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Linux SUSE 10.2 via VirtualBox on Laptop

Well at last I have a Linux system coexisting with my Windows XP and connecting to web through wireless without having to change XP system, especially boot options. See previous post

It was not without problems and some problems appeared to "heal" themselves. I will add more info when time permits.

Note, this entry is being typed into Google Blogger, in Firefox, in SUSE 10.2, running as virtual machine under control of VirtualBox within MS XP on my Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Notebook and through wireless connection to GURU ADSL router/modem into Orange Broaband.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

VirtualBox Virtual Machine

Thanks to an article in Computer Shopper this month I downloaded the Windows Version of VirtualBox from and installed on my Test system. This is an AMD 2000 based machine with 1GB of memory and a swappable hard drive so that I can boot up either Linux or MS XP.

This VirtualBox was claimed to set up an environment in a host system, be it Linux or Windows, within which you can install another operating system, provided of course you have install software. So I installed SUSE 10.2 within my XP system. Took some time, stalled on first attempt towards end on "Synchronising ZenWorks" or something similar.

Anyway 2nd time was fine and I now can boot up SUSE 10.2 from within XP!

Only (silly) problem was to switch between guest Linux and XP host you need to press "Control Right". I thought they meant press CTL and right arrow key together, but no they mean press the CTL key on the right.

It all reminds me of IBM VM system I used when at work.

I will have a go now at installing in my Notebook.

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