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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mailto: email on Firefox stopped working - solution

Mailto: email on Firefox stopped working - solution

I upgraded Firefox to 3.5 and a few days later I discovered that on web pages that had a clickable mailto email function, nothing happened. It worked on IE8 and Safari.

In looking for solution I came accross Gmail Notifier, that appeared to overcome the problem of choosing Gmail as default in such situations instead of Outlook, so I installed this. This worked fine in IE8 and Safari but again no joy with Firefox 3.5.

On googling problem I came across a solution that involved Fireox about: and making changes to Google Toolbar settings. I did not go there but this reminded me that I had uninstalled Google Toolbar and so I re-installed this and hey prest - fixed. You can supress Google Toolbar by deselecting in View menu, and it still works, just do not disable or un-install.

Not claiming this will fix your problem, just recording it fixed mine

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