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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Extra telephone breaks Broadband

Lost Broadband. Tested on Laptop and it was also failing on this. It worked fine from 08:00 until 10:00. I switched of ADSL Router-Modem counted 10 and switched back on again but no change.

I had replaced our telephone in sitting room and plugged spare into bedroom just before 10.00. Removed bedroom phone and Broadband is back!

Now my phone cable is -> Sitting room -> Bedroom -> Office and I had phones connected in Sitting Room and Office so I guess I exceed the mystical REN limit?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

28th March 2008

Apple Programs


Message from Apple informing that following available

  1. iTunes with Quick Time
  2. Quicktime
  3. Safari Browser

I had tried earlier to install just the last two but it failed in final stages. I recalled it had mentioned that item 1 included some certificate updates, so this time I installed all three.

iTunes failed to start. I tried again after restarting XP but no change.
qTime failed to start. I tried again after restarting XP but no change.

safari started but failed to retrieve any web pages. However this was due to Norton intercepting first call to Internet. All OK now. Google Docs worked OK.

I tried Quicktime again to see if any change now Safari working but no change.


Adobe Photoshop Elements PSE 6 will not start.

This happened before some weeks back (27/11/2007) and I think problem was Adobe Quick Time. I will uninstall both this and iTunes.

Quicktime uninstall finished with errors.
iTunes finished with no messages.

I googled to get other ideas and tried one that deleted cached data in Documents and Settings but no change so more googling and to my surprise found a reference to my own blog where I found how I had solved it before and it worked fine again, although I have no Quicktime but not sure I need it.

One if the reasons I started blogging my experiences was so I could refer back to pervious problems as I often have "I know I fixed this before but I cannot remember how" syndrome frequently.

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