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Sunday, January 28, 2007


Email to say new Update for Nero Premium 7. I went to web, downloaded (120MB+) and installed no problem except lost connection to online Help files.

Had to download the Help Files from separately also chose PDFs as well .

I put the CHM in folder I created in ProgramFiles/Nero They still did not work, had to open each one and in File Explorer which caused MS Open File Warning and unless you turn off "Always ask before opening file" check box it will not work .

Once this is done works fine from File Explorer Still could not access CHM Help files from within applications. To fix this I needed to copy CHM file into each Nero Application Folder Step through folders to find CHM stub files with same name as downloaded ones and then copy over.

I could not find SMARTSTART or homes for NeroScout_Eng.chm and NeroSipps_Eng.chm (internet phone)

Sunday, January 21, 2007


One of three blogs I am creating to record actions and thoughts so that I can recall them later and may even be useful to other people.

You know how it is! You spend several hours or even days solving a problem for your PC and software, and for some reason need to do it again (new PC, recovery or whatever) and all you can remember is that you know you did it before but be damned if you can remember how!

Other Blogs are Photography, my major hobby, and Education, I have a thirst for knowledge and facts.

I hope to use these as feeds to my website where significant events will be summarised.

About Me

Husband, dad and grandad. Physics graduate from London University in late 60s. Retired from IBM company in 2000 after 27 years as both Sytems Engineer and Salesman. Interests include photography, nature, science, maths, walking, travel. I like facts as a basis of opinion and not opinion that is assumed to be fact.