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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ubuntu Hardy Heron - LAN Network problems resolved

I could not understand why my Local Area which consists of Vista Notebook, XP Desktop and Test Desktop which in this case was Linux Ubuntu Hardy Heron would not communicate with each other. Pings were OK and Internet was OK. When I returned to Ubuntu Gutsy this worked fine!

Every time I tried to connect I had message

Can't display location "smb://"
No application is registered as handling this file

I made sure that every network parameter in Hardy (8.04) was the same as Gutsy and still no connection. Then I played around with new Fedora 9, I am interested in Pen Drive facility, and again no local area connection between systems. This I thought was telling me something.

Of course problem was I needed to add SAMBA which I did through the Ubuntu ADD/REMOVE facility and all is now working. I had assumed that the LAN software was included in the live CD I based install on, but this was not so.

I guess I must have done this for my Gutsy version at some time but forgot, which is why now I keep this journal!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

5th May eBay entry creating and editing from Linux Ubuntu

Set myself the task of writing eBay item with Kompozer. In the past I have prepared HTML
page for item in XP using the excellent NoteTab Pro package and then I
cut and paste this into eBay. So I want to do same from within Ubuntu.

Once I found a way of transferring images to a web resources from which I
can access from within HTML it was easy. I used the Google Page Creator
and loaded the images into it and then found their web address by
simply clicking on the jpg on the Uploaded Stuff and pasted the address into the IMG properties in Kompozer.
Original Image found here Google Page Creator
22:00 Loaded the eBay items using the Text Editor to open HTML fies and cut and paste into eBay.

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon

to return to this version as Hardy Heron network is not reliable. I
will record experiences and hopefully blog this as no doubt many are
travelling the same route. I want to get a useful Linux system without
having to get into the bowels of the system via terminal bash activity
if possible. It needs to
  1. Access Internet
  2. Connect to my XP and Vista home systems
  3. Support Office (does not have to be MS but needs to exchange data with MS Office, Open Office is fine)
  4. Digital photography Support RAW, manage 15,000+ photos and Edit to same capability as Adobe PhotoShop Elements 6
  5. Web Authoring
  6. Play MP3 music incl. RIP from CD
  7. Edit Digicam movies and make MPG DVD
  8. Draw, mainly for maths (Euclid etc)
  9. Program Development (C++, Python and maybe others)
  10. Support my Windows PocketPC (this is the one item I expect problems with)
I will record progress chronologically but maintain a list of software added to base Ubuntu installation Note
I am not averse to using none open software as long as there is no
charge (or minimal charge), especially online application. I make
extensive use of Google applications, in fact using there docs package
to write this and there blog package. This means that I can work
independent of OS platform or location and (hopefully) have automated

Added applications and status

Date Package Note XP StatusRating
pre May 2008Google Picasa Photo manager and editor Y Prod ****
pre May 2008Google Documents Office Web Appl. Y Prod ****
pre May 2008Google Page Creator HTML Developer Web Appl Y Prod ****
4th May 2008 UFRAW Photo RAW editor Y Test **
4th May 2008RAWTherapee Photo RAW editorY Prod ****
4th May 2008Screem HTML developer
Test **
4th May 2008KompoZer HTML developerY Prod ****
4th May 2008BlueFish HTML developer


  1. XP column denotes whether Package is available for Windows XP
  2. Status - Production means I actively use it, Test means I am evaluating
  3. Rating is my current position on its usefulness, low star ratings tend to be removed. This may change according to experience.


4th May 2008


08:25 Quick check and tidy of the system. I have been keeping updates current. RAWTherapee and Picasa has been installed Checking to see if Adobe Flash
player is working. Went to Adobe Flash web page and clicked onto
"FlashOn" and this started a new Tab and what appeared to be Adobe's
equivalent to Utube. Worked fine so I guess Flash is OK?? Also I went to and it reported I had


Mozilla, Netscape

which is the current version.

Screem Web Developer

09:00 Installed via ADD/REMOVE.

BlueFish & KompoZer

10:45 Thought it wise to look at these web developers as well. 21:30 I
have been looking at KompoZer in an attempt to edit one of my standard
eBay pages. I need to find a new place on the web to store eBay images.
Tried Picasa web pages but difficult to just display single simple
image. I loaded photos into Google Page
Creator and by clicking on the uploaded image found the web address and
used this in KompoZer. I found writing web pages quite straight
forward, but note I have used HTML extensively and written many web
pages in the past.

Note: Apart from this comment I posted this entry by using Scribefire from within Google Docs Writer Journal on Firefox on Vista Notebook (did not use Ubuntu desktop as I am in the garden as the sun is shining, hence the notebook).

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