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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cheap USB keyboard attached to ipad

I am typing this blog with a cheap £8 USB full sized keyboard which is attached to my ipad via the USB connector provided with the official Apple camera Connector Kit.

Now the on screen keyboard is very good, masses better than the small ipod touch I have but you can still type so much quicker with a real keyboard, probably 3 to 4 times as fast. Another advantage is the whole of the screen is available as the on screen keyboard is not shown.

Note when I plug keyboard into iPad as described above I do receive a couple of messages saying that the USB device is not supported, but I just hit the Dismiss button and all is OK.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Side by Side App for iPad.

This app let's you have up to four variable windows on your iPad. Each window can have either a web page, it uses a bespoke browser, or a notes page. Web pages can be downloaded and these can also be seen in the windows, main advantage is download files can be accessed off line, although I have problem with embedded images.

Take a look at introductory YouTube. On first use I like slick no nonsense interface.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

iPad App: Side by Side

Quick blog to recommend this App. For 3 days no charge. It allows you to open up to 4 windows on Ipad simultaneously. Take a look at the Youtube introduction and give it a try.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Flickr photo sent via Blogger interface

This time, hopefully, I have used my iPad to make this blogger entry direct from Flickr.

Trying to embed Flickr image in Blogger using iPad

Previous post I embedded Picasa and Photobucket images. This time I am trying to do the same with Flickr which is my main online photo repository.

DSC_0134 Cat Cat Toy 30-11-2008

iPad as a navigation tool

This is an amazing App you can use whilst walking or driving. Make sure you buy 3G iPad that includes GPS. App works with Cellular Data switched on in Settings but you do not. Have to be connected to Broadband so no ISP charges (free). Just make sure you download maps you need before you leave. Again maps are free.   

It will accurately show where you are, record where you have been, record track history with speeds and elevation. Compass very good, not sure how it works but it does.

Using iPad and Blogger plus adding image!

Trying to blog from iPad. This Blogger entry was prepared entirely with iPad.

Note For some reason a Compose does not work and you have use HTML and optionally Preview. I recommend that you save entry before using Preview.

Here I am attempting to put a link to a page I happened to have open. The link is here.


In Preview the link did not work, but if you Publish and the View it is OK. Also just to try it I surrounded the note at the start of this paragraph with h2 tags.


I had read it was not possible to insert images. However I added two images below, the first (cake) is from my Picasa album using the embed code provided by Picasa. The second (insect) is similarly added but this time from my PhoTobucket album.

However I will embed script from Picasa Web to see what happens.

From Food RoderickT

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