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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Linux Laptop Wireless (cont.)

Earlier post I described how with Live Simply MEPIS 6.0 CD I managed to boot Linux on my Laptop and access Internet via wireless connection to my ADSL modem/router. Unfortunately after initial success this stopped working. Not sure why, but I had been trying other Linux Live CDs and perhaps
this was cause?

Anyway I visited

and downloaded the

built CD with Nero and booted up lap top.

Internet access did not work, not surprising as wireless needs WEP key. Therefore do the following

  1. Choose main KDE tab,

  2. Systems Settings,

  3. Internet & Networking,

  4. Mepis Network Assistant

    1. At this point Password for ROOT needed (this is root)

  5. Select Wireless Tab

    1. Select WEP encryption

    2. Enter WEP key

  6. Select Interfaces Tab

    1. Select ath0

    2. Select Start/restart on Apply

    3. Select Apply (at bottom)

Receive warning message saying something like "With most cards may take 15 sec before ready, for some cards may have to reboot"

Now I still want to try and boot from flash memory USB so that I can customise system, and/or remote USB attached hard drive.

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