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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Linux on Wireless Laptop Notebook MEPIS

Over recent years I have been dabbling in Linux to see if a real alternative to XP. Current Distros are a lot better than a few years ago and certainly for desk tops with external router modems all looks fine. Still some problems with printing.

My aim is to be in a position to use Linux as only operating system when I next purchase a PC and/or desktop, which will probably be in next 2 to 3 years, as current products are less than a year old. Then I can save £200-400 which can go utowards hardware!

But before I devote to much time and effort I need to get Linux working on my Laptop, a Fujitsu Siemans Amilo L7310 GW Pentium D wide screen which connect to net via in-built wireless and GURU wireless LAN router. For desktop Linux testing I use my older AMD 2000 machine with swappable drive that is currently loaded with Suse 10.2 but I do not want to install Linux on Laptop, nervous I may harm its XP system, so I have been looking at Live CD boots. Several of these would not display screen, and those that did would not connect to net via wireless, although would connect if ethernet cable plugged in, which goes through same router.

I came across The LiveCD List page and noticed that MEPIS users were having success with wireless so downloaded SimplyMEPIS_6.0_i386.iso from
wrote to CD with Nero and it found the wireless automatically and I am away accessing the net!

I now want to see if I can copy CD to USB drive and boot from 2GB USB so that I can configure system to use screen better etc. At the moment when I plug in USB drive it is note detected

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