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Monday, March 19, 2007

Accessing files on my XP PC from Linux PC

Still plodding along on my Linux journey. Been having difficulty in accessing my "Shared" files on MS XP PC from my Suse Linux PC. These are connected on home network via DSL Router/Modem.

Just done a Google search and found where is explains how to use Konqueror to achieve this.

I followed advice, entering smb:// and it immediately connected to my WinXP machine and gave me access to "My Documents" which I have setup as shared. The address of my PC ( I found by using the free SANDRA program on the XP machine.

Check out for info on SMB.

I now want to see if I can set the link up between Linux and XP machines so that I do not have to explicitly quote IP addresses

Achieved the above line quite easily. When I enter

When I enter smb:// the shared files which in my case include "My Documents" appear in the konqueror window. Just select this and drag onto the desktop, and then a single click takes you straight to WinXP machine "My Documents". I then renamed this icon to a meaningful name without the IP address and now I have achieved my objective.

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