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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Collapsing Icons Fixed

For a couple of years now I have irritating problem that when I start Windows XP that most times all my carefully desktop shortcut icons I had grouped by function around my screen edges all moved to the left of the screen in 3 columns in random order.

I used a free utility as a workaround see earlier post.

Now in fixing an unrelated Adobe PSE problems, see previous post, I had to disable all start-up programs and one was called Seticon.exe. I googled this and low and behold someone had reported it caused just the problem I had been experiencing, apparently it is installed for 6-in-1 (4 Media Card slots, a floppy drive and a USB connection) device. See this page.

So I disabled this and to date have not had the problem again. Incidentally my 6-in-1 Media reader still functions fine.

This fault returned after I had re-installed XP the first time I attached GigaOne Disk Drive. This is a 30GB USB drive in a case with various card readers around it, so that you can download contents of digital camera card and reuse card, great when away on long trips. So it is consistent with the Seticon being installed when "plug and play" found this machine for the first time after rebuild.

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