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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Collapsing Icons and work around

One advantage of rebuilding my XP system, see previous post, was it cleared my collapsing icon problem, or so I thought. See end of post to how this happened.

I like a clean desktop and have my icons spread around the two side and top edge in related groups. However sometimes after start up these all shift over to a near alphabetic order on the left.

Having failed to fix I downloaded a free program from
which lets you SAVE and RESTORE icon layout from options listed when you right button click My Computer or My Documents.


For about three weeks after rebuilding XP this did not happen, The for the first time after rebuild I connected GigaOne Drive (basically a 30GB drive with card readers around edge so you can download cards in the field and then connect to PC at base where it appears as a hard drive).

I was planning to use it as external drive, download 18GB of photos which I could then connect to lap top and sort out at leisure. However XP did not recognise drive, and hung. Strange as drive was OK on older XP machine and new Vista Notebook. Anyway I loaded SW from mini CD provided by GigaOne and seemed OK. Did not have to load SW on other aforementioned machines.

Started copying and almost immediately PC display went black and PC restarted itself. And when it came back up it started the collapsing icons again! Drat!

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