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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ubuntu Hardy Heron - LAN Network problems resolved

I could not understand why my Local Area which consists of Vista Notebook, XP Desktop and Test Desktop which in this case was Linux Ubuntu Hardy Heron would not communicate with each other. Pings were OK and Internet was OK. When I returned to Ubuntu Gutsy this worked fine!

Every time I tried to connect I had message

Can't display location "smb://"
No application is registered as handling this file

I made sure that every network parameter in Hardy (8.04) was the same as Gutsy and still no connection. Then I played around with new Fedora 9, I am interested in Pen Drive facility, and again no local area connection between systems. This I thought was telling me something.

Of course problem was I needed to add SAMBA which I did through the Ubuntu ADD/REMOVE facility and all is now working. I had assumed that the LAN software was included in the live CD I based install on, but this was not so.

I guess I must have done this for my Gutsy version at some time but forgot, which is why now I keep this journal!

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